The First 10 Things You Need to Do Right After You Get Engaged

You’re tackling your wedding-planning checklist, diving headfirst in to budgets and guest lists, and making your way through all the other initial steps that are essential in making your wedding the most amazing day ever. Whether you’re doing it solo with just the help from your soon-to-be spouse, you have an entire fleet of bridesmaids and in-laws on your side, or have tapped a professional wedding planner, tried and true advice from the people that know best is always welcome—particularly when it makes organizing the many details a little bit easier.


We’ve asked some top wedding planners, photographers, and florists to share pointers that they wish all couples knew before they started planning. Consider this an insider’s guide to planning a wedding with ease. The tips that follow will make the months leading up to your big day easier for everyone across the board—including your vendors.


Remember, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind as you contemplate the little details. These expert-approved suggestions will help you make every necessary wedding-planning decision. And since this guide covers everything from when’s the right time to book your venue and how to be the very best clients to helpful pointers that will ensure you keep everything perspective, you’ll be well on your way to planning the ultimate celebration once you’re finishing reading.


Without further ado, click through here for the planning tips experts agree you need to know. You’ll want to read and heed the recommendations before you get knee deep into seating charts, napkin colors, and first dance songs.

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